Dr. Sang-Shin Park (S. Korea)

Visiting Scholar

Externally pressurized gas bearings for milling equip

Qing Liu Tao (China)

Ph.D. (Start June 2011)

Non-linear rotordynamics (TRC) & experimental verification

An Kai (China)

Ph.D. (Start Sept. 2011)

Wet Gas Seals: Leakage and force coefficients (TRC)

Jose Hernandez (Mexico)

M.S. (Start Sept. 2012)

Joshua Brooks (USA)


Analysis: Gas face seals for steam turbines (Ciateq, MX) Install Large metal mesh bearing test rig

Gary Bradley (USA)

M.S. (Start Jan. 2012)

SFD force coefficient identification (Pratt & Whitney)

Sung-Hwa Jeung (S. Korea)

M.S. (Start Sept. 2011)

Linear & Nonlinear identification of SFD forces (TRC)

Joshua Norsworthy (USA)

M.S. (Start May 2012)

Metal Mesh Foil Bearings, Oil-Free TC (TRC)

Travis Cable (USA)

M.S. (Start Sept. 2012)

Analysis: Thrust Collars for Geared Compressors (Samsung)

Yingkun Li (China)

M.S. (Start Sept. 2011)

Analysis: Tilting Pad Bearings (TRC)

Weilian Shan (China)

M.S. (Start Sept. 2012)

Analysis: Pocket Damper Gas Seals (TRC)



Yujiao Tao (China)

M.S. (Start Sept 2010)

Effect of Pivot Stiffness on TPJB dynamic forced response

Thomas Chirathadam (India)

M.S. (May 2009), Ph.D. candidate (2012)

Metal Mesh Bearings for Oil-Free MTM

Alain Anderson (USA)

M.S. (Start Sept 2010)

Leakage for high temperature gas seals

Feng Yu (China)

M.S. (start Sept 2010)

Thermohydrodynamic Analysis of Semi-Floating Ring Bearings for TCs