Dr. San Andres Graduated Students

updated on December 2012


A. Doctorate (Ph.D.)


Dissertation topic

Graduation date

Current Employment

Thomas Chirathadam

Modeling and Test Evaluation of Metal Mesh Foil Bearings

December 2012

Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio

Keun Ryu

Thermal Management in Foil Bearings for MTM

December 2011

Borg-Warner Turbo Systems, NC

Tae Ho Kim


Computational Thromohydrodynamic Analysis & Experimental Verification of Gas Foil Bearings

December 2008

Kookmin University, Seoul, S. Korea

Adolfo Delgado

Analysis of Grooved Oil Seals and SFDs + Experimental Verification

December 2008

GE Research CenterC, NY

Oscar de Santiago


Imbalance Response of Rotor Supported on Integral Squeeze Film Dampers and Tilting Pad Bearings

May 2002

CIATEQ A.C., Mexico

Marco Faria


Finite Element Analysis of High Speed Grooved Gas Bearings

June 1999

University of Campinas, Brasil

Sergio Diaz


Effect of Air Entrapment on the Performance of Squeeze Film Dampers

May 1999

University Simon Bolivar, Venezuela

Jiming Li


Bulk-Flow Analysis of Multiple Pocket Gas Damper Seals

December 1998

Siemens Demag Delaval


Grigory Arauz,


Analysis of Two‑Phase Flow in Damper Seals for Cryogenic Turbomachinery

December 1996

Schlumberger, TX

Zhao Yang


Thermohydrodynamic Analysis of Product Lubricated Hydrostatic Bearings in Turbulent Flow Regime

December 1993

Cummins Engines, IN


B. Masters


Thesis title

Graduation date

Current Employment

Yujiao Tao

Effect of Pivot Flexibility on Tilting Pad Bearings

December 2012

Samsun Techwin, Houston

Paola Mahecha

Parameter identification of sealed ends SFDs- large dynamic loads

August 2011

N/A (Colombia)

Sanjeev Seshaghiri

Parameter identification of open ends SFDs- large dynamic loads

May 2011


Zachary Ashton

High Temperature Brush Seals

May 2009

Borg-Warner Turbo Systems, NC

Arian Vistamehr

Rotordynamics of Automotive Turbochargers

May 2009

PhD University of Texas, Austin, TX

Thomas Chirathadam

Development of Metal Mesh Foil Bearings

May 2009


Yaying Niu

Hybrid Gas Bearings for TM

May 2009


Keun Ryu

Gas Bearings for Oil Free Turbomachinery

May 2008


Anthony Breedlove

Effects of Temperature on Structural Parameters of Foil Bearings

May 2007

Schlumberger, TX

Jose Baker

Hybrid Brush Seals for Turbines

May 2006

KBR, Houston, TX

Ash Maruyama

Nonlinear Dynamics of Automotive Turbochargers

Aug 2007

Sulzer Turbo, Houston, TX

Dario Rubio

Rotordynamics of Gas Foil Bearings

December 2005

Bechtel Corp., Houston, TX

Juan Rivadeneira

Rotordynamics of Automotive Turbochargers

December 2005

Bechtel Corp., Houston, TX

Adolfo Delgado

Identification of force coefficients in a sealed SFD

December 2005


Suzan Xhu


Gas Tilting Pad Bearings for Turbochargers

May 2004

SKF Shanghai, China

K Balantrapu

Identification of Parameters in Flexible Rotor-Bearing Systems

May 2004

Capgemini Consulting

Jason Kerth


Turbocharger Rotordynamics

August 2003

Dresser-Rand, Houston, TX

Deborah Wilde


Measurement of the Dynamic Forced Performance of Air Bearing Supported Rotors

May 2002

Honeywell Internacional, CA

Thomas Soulas


Bulk-Flow Analysis of Lomakin Bearings for Cryogenic Turbopumps

October 2001

Dresser Rand, Houston, TX

Thomas de Boer,

U Twente

Dynamics of turbocharger rotors supported on floating ring bearings

August 2000

U. Twente


Julio Naranjo


Dynamic Response of a Rotor Supported on Floating Ring Journal Bearings

June 1999


Simco, Venezuela

Oscar de Santiago


Imbalance Response of Rotor Supported on Integral Squeeze Film Dampers

December 1998


Nicole Zirkelback


Computational Analysis of Spiral Groove Trust Bearings and Face Seals

December 1997

Martin Marietta, GA

David Ransom


Test Rotordynamic Force Coefficients in Gas Damper Seals

August 1997

Southwest Research Institute, SanAntonio, TX

Daniel Lubell


Imbalance Response of a Rotor Supported on Off-Centered Squeeze Film Dampers

May 2000

Calnetix, Los Angeles, CA

Nick Walton


Measurements of Static Load Characteristics of a Flexure Pivot Tilt Pad Hydrodynamic Bearing

August 1995

Bell Helicopters, Dallasm TX

Miller Robison


A Test Rig for the Identification of Rotordynamic Coefficients of Fluid Film Bearings

August 1995

Solar Turbines, San Diego, CA

Hector Laos


Measurements of Unbalance Response in a Squeeze Film Damper Test Rotor Kit

May 1993

General Electric, PA

Grigory Arauz


Experimental Study of a Grooved Squeeze Film Damper

May 1993

Schlumberger, Houston

Julio Semanate


Analysis of Floating Multi-Ring Oil Seals

December 1992

Private consultant, Ecuador





Oscar de Santiago

Oscar came from Queretaro, Mexico, and obtained his MS and PhD degrees at Texas A&M. Oscar worked on developing on-site parameter identification methods and applying them to extract force coefficients from fluid film bearings and SFDs.

Oscar is a happy father and a loving husband. The picture shows him with his women: Adriana and Adrianita.

Sr. Product Design Engineer

Dresser-Rand Company

Paul Clark Dr.

Olean, NY 14760-056


Dresser-Rand Rotordynamics Group

Paul Clark Drive

Olean, NY 14760

Phone: 716 375 3691

Thomas Soulas

After receiving his engineering degree in France, Thomas came to Texas A&M University in 2000 to work with Dr. San Andres on seal and process fluid bearings analysis, in partnership with the French spacecraft engine manufacturer Snecma. His experience in College Station was most rewarding. Thomas obtained his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2001, Thomas started as a Rotor Dynamics Engineer at Dresser-Rand, in Olean, NY, in 2002. In 2004, he was appointed Supervisor of the Rotor Dynamics Group at Dresser-Rand, a world leader in energy solutions for the oil, gas and chemical industries. His parents, brother and sister live in Perpignan, in the South of France.

Miller Robison

Originally from the arid plains of Texas, moved to sunny California to work in Solar Turbines and Rocketdyne. Back at Solar in San Diego, Miller plays with lots of gas turbines, name the size! Miller is the tallest boy in the picture.


SOLAR Turbines, San Diego, Ca

Dario Rubio(Venezuela)


Compressors RE, OG&C Mech


3000 Post Oak Blvr.

Houston, TX 77056

Office Phone 713.235.5447




Juan Carlos Rivadeneira (Ecuador)





Suzan Zhu (China)

SKF China Ltd.
999 San Quan Road, 4-402

Shanghai, 200435,





Anthony Breedlove (USA)


M.S. (May 2007)


Identification of Structural Parameters in Foil Bearings


Work: Schlumberger


Tae Ho Kim (Korea)


Ph.D. (August 2007)


Computational Analysis of Gas Foil Bearings